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      About Us

      The Supasta’ Wellness brand was founded by Ore Adegboyega in 2016 in London, UK.  The brand was birthed from a journey of self discovery and self development, specifically health and overall wellness. After embarking on a long weightloss journey herself, Ores’ journey birthed a desire (maybe Ore had a desire) to help encourage people to make healthier decisions. Her relationship with God helped her overcome the multiple hurdles and barriers she faced along her journey and helped her learn the importance of living a healthy and full life.

      As a Pharmacist she uses her professional knowledge to help individuals understand the value of health and how we can avoid diseases and fulfill our vision on earth by making healthier choices daily. 

      The passion that drives this brand is seeing people take control of their full health and educating people on the medical and non medical truths around health, so they can go on to lead healthier lifestyles. In our current society, there is a huge focus on the aesthetics and fitness aspect of health, however our brand stands to remind people that – Health is not just about aesthetic fitness. True health combines healthy eating, regular exercise, disease prevention, adequate sleep, limited stress levels and so much more. We hope to inspire & encourage this generation to give their all to ensuring they live the healthy life God ordained for us all to live.

      Ore Adegboyega Rph, Mpharm


      Ann Idowu

      Events Co-ordinator