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      Pharmacists Career Coaching

      A coaching programme for Pharmacists & Students who want to challenge themselves professionally and take big leaps to advance their career.  The programme will help individuals prepare for interviews, apply for advanced roles, provide guidance for international licensing and international career pursuits, helping prospective pharmacy students apply to pharmacy school and guiding them through their time in pharmacy school and much more.

      Pharmacists are often told that their roles are limited to retail and many times pharmacy professionals find it hard to get themselves out of the ‘retail’ pharmacy box and into more challenging and uncomfortable settings. This avenue provides guidance and direction for individuals looking to take that further step in their professional journey and try new things.

      Pharmacists, Pharmacy assistants and students who want to venture into or aspire to develop within their pharmacy career’

      Open from October 2020

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      • One off support , up to 1 hour (50 USD)
      • 4 week support i.e. job applications, interview prep, international licensing, pharmacy school application prep (120 USD)
      • What do you get as part of the programme? one to one support with applications and interview preparation – this includes reading over applications and mock interview preparation. Support with international licensing journey for Canada and United Kingdom (guidance documents, MOCK OSCE preparation, guidance on study tools to use), group sessions with other individuals on a similar journey  which provides a great opportunity to rub minds and form mini study groups.